Our Company

The company THALPOS ABEE is a manufacturing, importing and trading company active in quality sleep products in the Greek market.

The company has begun operations in 1991, with the introduction and marketing of mattresses and pillows of the internationally renowned British brand Dunlopillo. 

From the first step had been a constant rise and gradually begun to represent and other foreign companies, the choice of which was always the advanced quality of their products.  Nowadays, the products that the company imports and represents in Greece belong to large brand names in the world market the Australian SHERIDAN in linen, the French ELVE, CATIMINI, MANUEL CANOVAS and DESIGNERS GUILT also in white goods the Slovenian ODEJA , in woolen comforters and pillows the Denish  ROYAL SLEEP OF SCANDINAVIA, in down comforters and pillows the German ROKADO, in reclining  bases ARTE M in furniture.

Along with the imports and trade the company begun producing bedroom furniture like substrates, headboards and small furniture, are available in the market coupled with layers DUNLOPILLO, which also manufactures in Greece on authority from the English company. While made a very big investment buying DUNLOPILLO name for the Greece in 2007.

The company name is longer than the standard in this market and is considered by Greeks, synonymous with quality and reliability.

 Since August 2003 the company moved to new premises in the private VIO.PA Keratea area 7,500 sq. m . This area is near the new airport, major roads , and the under construction new port of Lavrion, which create ideal conditions of direct accessibility to the commercial activity of the company.

Already programmed with the fast expansion of production facilities to meet the growing needs, due to the significant increase in turnover. Another 2,000 sq. m. estimated to be added to the covered areas of the company in 2011.

The mechanical equipment of the company is the most modern and innovative available at this moment in the global market for that sector, which ensures the best quality product which is also certified with ISO 9001.  

In terms of human resources, at the moment the company employs (35) thirty-five people and helping it, as far as possible, to alleviate the unemployment problem, especially in the area where it is bases.

The Thalpos ABEE provides its products, making wholesale sales in 750 different places all over Greece, while developing partnerships with branch network customers.

Already have five (5) corporate stores, (4) four in Athens, (1) one in Thessaloniki and twenty nine shops in shop in Attica and rest of the Greece. 

The consistently high quality Dunlopillo preference by consumers creates the best conditions for developing business in the future.